Cases undertaken by our office

Below is a small sampling of some of the many difficult situations we have helped our clients with over the years. Just click on the PDF icon (if available) for a detailed description.

Franco v. City of Los Angeles:

“ Ms. Franco was struck in a crosswalk by a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power vehicle while walking home from picking up her granddaughter from school. Ms. Franco suffered serious injuries and permanent health complications. Mr. Brennan successfully recovered damages for Franco in the amount of $8.5 million.”

Kim v. BMW:

“Mr. Kim’s identity was stolen by his previous employer, who purchased a BMW in his name. Mr. Kim disputed with BMW Financial services more than 12 times. Rather than resolving the issue, BMW Financial Services accused Mr. Kim of being involved in a scheme to defraud. BMW Financial Services violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act after not conducting a reasonable investigation of Plaintiff’s dispute. Plaintiff suffered severe emotional distress due to BMW’s violation. Damages in this case were $250,000 and in appeals Mr. Brennan was able to recover a total of $430,000 for his client.”


“ Mr. Gordon fell 35 feet down through a roof that gave out, while performing a routine inspection on a roof for a potential client. Gordon suffered multiple serious injuries and has been disabled from work since the accident. At trial, a jury awarded Mr. Gordon $874,934.45. While is case is currently under appeal, Mr. Brennan is fighting to ensure that Mr. Gordon receives his full compensation for his injuries and lost wages.”


“Ms. Leonhardt was sold a vehicle with undisclosed collision damage and frame damage. At the time of purchase, Ms. Leonhardt emphasized the importance of purchasing a vehicle that had never been in an accident. Ms. Leonhardt attributed the significance of this request to an incident where a family member of hers had died in a vehicle with undisclosed collision damage, during a collision where the airbags did not deploy. At trial, a jury awarded Ms. Leonhardt $75,000. ”

Ibrahim v. BMW

PDF document“In Ibrahim v. BMW, plaintiff is suing BMW for air conditioning defects in his BMW 650i. Mr. Ibrahim is pursuing this action under the California lemon law, the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act.”


“In Stovall v. Topanga Creek General Store, our client slipped in a large puddle of tomato sauce on the floor of the store, near the entrance. He sustained serious injuries to his shoulder which required surgery. He has sued the store for creating and allowing a dangerous condition which caused his fall.”


“In Arredondo v. Experian, Equifax and Direct TV, Carla Arredondo was a victim of identity theft when an identity thief opened a Direct TV account in her name. She disputed the fraudulent Direct TV charges for months, but, as alleged in her complaint, Direct TV, Experian and Equifax refused to cancel the charges and refused to properly clean her credit report. The case has settled for an undisclosed amount.”


“In Schreiner v. Mirzakhanyan, plaintiff Marcy Schreiner was seriously injured in an automobile accident in northern Glendale. The case settled for an undisclosed amount which was the full policy limit of available insurance.”


“In Richardson v. JP Morgan Chase, TransUnion, Experian and Equifax, plaintiffs entered into a loan modification agreement with JP Morgan Chase for the mortgage loan on their property. Plaintiffs expressed concern to JP Morgan Chase that the lowered loan modification payments could result in negative credit reporting, and JP Morgan Chase assured them, in writing, that the loan modification would have no negative consequences on their credit. JP Morgan Chase then allegedly proceed to negatively credit report the plaintiffs even though plaintiffs honored and abided by the prescribed loan modification payments. The plaintiffs came to Law Offices of Robert F. Brennan only after they could not themselves clean up their credit. The case has settled on confidential terms.”

Yancey v. Chrysler:

“In Yancey v. Chrysler, plaintiff purchased a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 which has had repeated problems with the coolant system, the engine and the drive train. Plaintiff has sued Chrysler under the California lemon law, whose actual name is the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. The case is ongoing in the Los Angeles Superior Court.”


“In Anguiano v. Autos for Less and Newport Acceptance, plaintiffs purchased a used Nissan Altima and alleged that they later discovered that the vehicle had substantial undisclosed collision damage. Plaintiffs sued both the selling dealer and the finance company for fraud and concealment. The case settled on confidential terms.”


“Plaintiffs Donna and Barry Bacarti are suing EMC Mortgage/JP Morgan Chase for repeatedly promising them loan modifications and credit reporting forbearances, and then repeatedly breaking these promises. This case is in Los Angeles Superior Court and is ongoing.”


“Plaintiffs Jeffrey and Cheryl Howe brought this action against Bank of America, American Honda, Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. In the Bank of America part of the case, plaintiffs alleged that Bank of America misapplied a credit card payment and credit-reported the payment as late, even though the plaintiffs had paid the payment on time. This portion of the case has settled on confidential terms. In the American Honda portion of the case, plaintiffs allege that Honda persistently mishandled their American Honda account, which resulted in wrongful and false credit reporting against the Howes. This case is ongoing in federal court in Los Angeles.”


“Plaintiffs Craig and Donna Worden purchased a new Fleetwood motor home from Mike Thompson RV, and believed they were receiving the Fleetwood factory warranty. However, the company which actually built the motor home is the Fleetwood entity which went bankrupt, and the new Fleetwood entity which emerged from bankruptcy allegedly concealed from its dealerships and from its customers that it was severely limiting the warranty coverages on the motor homes made by the bankrupt Fleetwood entity. The plaintiffs have sued Fleetwood for consumer fraud and have sued Mike Thompson RV for breach of implied warranties owing to defects in the motor home. The case is ongoing in the Los Angeles Superior Court.”


“Plaintiff Oscar Martinez is suing BMW for allegedly selling him a defective 2006 BMW X5. The car has had repeated problems with the engine, brakes and transmission. Mr. Martinez is bringing this action under California’s “lemon law,” also known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act.”


“In Abedrabo v. American Honda, plaintiff is suing American Honda for an allegedly defective 2012 Acura TL, which has had repeated problems with stalling, transmission and suspension. Mr. Abedrabo is bringing this action under California’s “lemon law,” also known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act.”

Alaoria v. McGinley:

“Ms. Alaoria, an elderly woman, was struck by a vehicle as it was backing out of a parking spot in her church parking lot. She suffered severe injuries including a fractured left collar bone, contusions and abrasions to her knee, arms, and face.Mr. Brennan was successfully able to recover total damages of $126,000. ”