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Legal Links

Robert F. Brennan is co-author of the California Edition of ‘Debt Collection Answers,’ an invaluable tool for consumers and their families facing debt collection abuses and deceptions in today’s debt-ridden world. Click here to get your very own copy.

Credit Damage Links

My Fair Credit

Major Personal Injury Law

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Dallas Lawyer – Legal Advisors
Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles

Lemon Law / Auto Fraud

Southern California Directory
A resource to find a lemon law attorney in another state or your state’s lemon laws, FAQs, or Hot Lemon Tips:

California Lemon Law
Description: California Lemon Law Statutes and Attorneys/Lawyers handle CA Lemon Law claims for consumers in California. We stay informed of the newest legal developments so you can get the best results for your lemon law claims of both lemon automobiles and consumers products.
Car Consumers
Center for Auto Fraud
Car Talk from NPR
MWSD Legal
Strategic Safety
California Attorney General lemon law
This page has useful information about the lemon law in California and about the Attorney General office

US Government Defect Database
This page includes a list of all recalls, owner complaints, etc, since 1980. You can request the entire file for any case by looking up the number on this page.

Federal Consumer Law
Full text of the Magnusen-Moss Warranty Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act

Lemon laws in all 50 states
This page lists the lemon laws for all 50 states, and includes many other useful resources

Stop BMA
Buy Car Tips
My Lemon
Texas Lemon

Other Law Related Links

Kentucky Lawyers

Information for finding Lawyers in Las Vegas

Other Legal Links