Case Results

Auto Accidents

Alaoria v. McGinley — Plaintiff suffered serious injuries due to driver negligence.
Schreiner v Mirzakhanyan — Plaintiff’s case was settled for the full policy limit of available insurance. LEARN MORE

Truck Accident

Franco v. City of Los Angeles – Damages in the amount of $8.5 million were recovered for the plaintiff who was struck in a crosswalk. LEARN MORE

Lemon Law

Ibrahim v. BMW — Plaintiff is pursuing action vs BMW for defective air conditioning.
Yancy v. Chrysler — Plaintiff bought a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 and experienced a variety of problems with the vehicle.
Martinez v BMW — Plaintiff is bringing an action vs BMW after being sold a defective 2006 BMW X5.
Abedrabo v. American Honda — American Honda is being sued by the plaintiff for an allegedly defective 2012 Acura TL. LEARN MORE

Car Dealer Fraud

Leonhardt — Jury award of $75,000 for undisclosed collision damage
Anguiano v. Autos for Less & Newport Acceptance — Both the seller and the finance company sued for fraud and concealment of substantial collision damage.
Worden v. Fleetwood & Mike Thompson RV — Fleetwood and Mike Thompson RV sued by plaintiffs for consumer fraud due to breach of implied warranties. LEARN MORE

Credit Fraud

Sergio Larios v. Specialized Loan Servicing LLC — False and negative credit reporting. LEARN MORE
Richardson v. JP Morgan Chase, TransUnion, Experian, & Equifax — Plaintiffs were victims of negative credit reporting after a loan modification agreement
Bacarti v. EMC Mortgage/JP Morgan Chase — Plaintiffs are victims of  loan modification fraud.
Howe v. Bank of America, America Honda, Experian, TransUnion, & Equifax — Defendants are being sued for wrongful and false credit reporting vs the plaintiffs. LEARN MORE

Identity Theft

Kim v. BMW  — Plaintiff sued BMW Financial Services for insufficient investigation of a dispute involving a car purchased in his name by an identity thief.
Arredondo v. Experian, Equifax, & Direct TV — A victim of identity theft, the plaintiff sued the defendants for fraudulent charges and damaged credit scores. LEARN MORE

Work Injury

Case ID Confidential — $1.2 million for multiple injuries and subsequent disability resulting from a work-related accident. LEARN MORE

Gordon v. ARC Manufacturing — Settlement of $1.2 million reached after a jury award of substantially less. LEARN MORE

Slip and Fall

Stovall v Topanga Creek General Store — Plaintiff is in the process of suing the defendant for serious shoulder injuries resulting from a slip and fall. LEARN MORE