General Business and Commercial Litigation

In the state of California, general business law refers to the set of state laws that focus on regulating businesses. These laws include restrictions on deceptive business practices, environment regulations, contracts, employment, etc. As a business owner, it’s important to protect your company in the event that you’re subject to any number of commercial litigation cases. Being sued by a client or associate for breach contract, for example, has the potential to threaten your livelihood.  Being sued by a former employee can be both expensive and consuming.

The first focus is on prevention. Putting fair and lawful business practices in place, executing legal contracts, and making sure that you have made a conscientious effort to follow the local regulations goes a long way toward avoiding lawsuits down the line. Not all eventualities can be predicted, however, and you may face litigation at one time or another during your tenure as a business owner. In this case you’ll need to enlist the representation of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney.

Robert F. Brennan, has been serving as an attorney for businesses in Los Angeles, California for decades. He is a tough litigator and has a long history of securing favorable verdicts for businesses, whether suing or being sued.

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