Credit and Debt

False Credit Reporting Damage

Incorrect information on a consumer’s credit report can result in difficulty securing financing in the future. Legally, the consumer has the right to get wrongful credit reporting removed from their record. LEARN MORE

Credit Report Abuse

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act mandates that debt collectors must follow specific procedures before they make a report to the credit bureaus. If they do not take the correct steps or report false or inflated amounts to the credit agencies, there is a legal recourse. LEARN MORE

Wrongful and Abusive Debt Collection

While collectors are allowed to attempt to recover money that consumers owe, they must follow the law when doing so. Federal and California law offer protection from debt collectors who harass or abuse consumers. LEARN MORE

Credit Fraud

It can be quite difficult to get fraudulent charges removed from a credit report,  which can lead to bad credit and collection calls. The remedies to such a situation include removing false debt reporting and possibly recovering damages as well. LEARN MORE