Identity Theft Cases

Kim v. BMW:

“Mr. Kim’s identity was stolen by his previous employer, who purchased a BMW in his name. Mr. Kim disputed with BMW Financial services more than 12 times. Rather than resolving the issue, BMW Financial Services accused Mr. Kim of being involved in a scheme to defraud. BMW Financial Services violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act after not conducting a reasonable investigation of Plaintiff’s dispute. Plaintiff suffered severe emotional distress due to BMW’s violation. Damages in this case were $250,000 and in appeals Mr. Brennan was able to recover a total of $430,000 for his client.”


“In Arredondo v. Experian, Equifax and Direct TV, Carla Arredondo was a victim of identity theft when an identity thief opened a Direct TV account in her name. She disputed the fraudulent Direct TV charges for months, but, as alleged in her complaint, Direct TV, Experian and Equifax refused to cancel the charges and refused to properly clean her credit report. The case has settled for an undisclosed amount.”