Auto Accident

Law Offices of Robert F. Brennan APC has literally hundreds of “policy limit” settlements in auto accident cases. “Policy limit” settlements means that our injured client received 100% of the available insurance money from the other driver. Mr. Brennan’s “policy limit” settlements range from $1 million down to $15,000, all depending on the size of the other driver’s insurance policy. There are simply too many to list out all of them. What follows are only a few of them.

Brown v. USPS: $750,000

Mr. Brennan’s client sued the US Postal Service after a mail carrier collided with him while he was riding his motorcycle. Suing the federal government is never easy and settlements this large are rare. Mr. Brennan’s client has substantially recovered from the accident, thanks in large part to the money he received from the settlement.

Alaoria v. McGinley:

“Ms. Alaoria, an elderly woman, was struck by a vehicle as it was backing out of a parking spot in her church parking lot. She suffered severe injuries including a fractured left collar bone, contusions and abrasions to her knee, arms, and face.Mr. Brennan was successfully able to recover total damages of $126,000. ”


“In Schreiner v. Mirzakhanyan, plaintiff Marcy Schreiner was seriously injured in an automobile accident in northern Glendale. The case settled for an undisclosed amount which was the full policy limit of available insurance.”