Car Dealer Fraud Cases


“Ms. Leonhardt was sold a vehicle with undisclosed collision damage and frame damage. At the time of purchase, Ms. Leonhardt emphasized the importance of purchasing a vehicle that had never been in an accident. Ms. Leonhardt attributed the significance of this request to an incident where a family member of hers had died in a vehicle with undisclosed collision damage, during a collision where the airbags did not deploy. At trial, a jury awarded Ms. Leonhardt $75,000. ”


“In Anguiano v. Autos for Less and Newport Acceptance, plaintiffs purchased a used Nissan Altima and alleged that they later discovered that the vehicle had substantial undisclosed collision damage. Plaintiffs sued both the selling dealer and the finance company for fraud and concealment. The case settled on confidential terms.”


“Plaintiffs Craig and Donna Worden purchased a new Fleetwood motor home from Mike Thompson RV, and believed they were receiving the Fleetwood factory warranty. However, the company which actually built the motor home is the Fleetwood entity which went bankrupt, and the new Fleetwood entity which emerged from bankruptcy allegedly concealed from its dealerships and from its customers that it was severely limiting the warranty coverages on the motor homes made by the bankrupt Fleetwood entity. The plaintiffs have sued Fleetwood for consumer fraud and have sued Mike Thompson RV for breach of implied warranties owing to defects in the motor home. The case is ongoing in the Los Angeles Superior Court.”