ALERT TO RV SHOPPERS: with backlogs of this magnitude at the major RV manufacturers, you had better believe that the manufacturers will be rushing units through the assembly line.  If you wind up with a lemon RV, please call us—weREAD MORE

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, March 17, 2021 / — Tesla faces a slew of lawsuits in California over its credit-reporting of customers who have a Solar City Power Purchase Agreement Contract. See, for example, Chaine v. Tesla Energy Operations, Inc., (CentralREAD MORE

Robert F. Brennan is assisting consumers harmed by Tesla’s pattern false credit reporting of the Tesla Energy solar packages.  Tesla is reporting its Solar City Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) as large loans on its customers’ credit reports, resulting in damageREAD MORE

TESLA SOLAR/SOLAR CITY: please check your credit report, particularly if your original solar provider was Solar City. This is both false debt and false credit reporting…and Tesla has no business putting a goddam lien on your home so you cannotREAD MORE

Tesla Energy has slapped a non-existing $75,000 loan onto my client’s credit report because my client signed up for solar with Solar City. My client agreed to pay a charge per kilowatt hour, which he has always paid. Solar CityREAD MORE

BUYER BEWARE: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get written confirmation from any bank, mortgage company or lender if it is granting you a forbearance or payment deferment arrangement. In my credit damage/Fair Credit Reporting Act practice, we are often approached by peopleREAD MORE

I have seen—we all have seen—a lot more bikes on the roads since the outbreak of the virus crisis.  I culled a few safety tips in some internet research which hopefully will make our community safer for the bicyclists, andREAD MORE

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IF YOU GET INTO A CAR ACCIDENT: I am on both Sunland-Tujunga Community pages as well as the La Crescenta Community pages. As an attorney, I have recently received a handful of messages from membersREAD MORE

I’m honored to have been selected as a Southern California for the 15th straight year.  The selection criteria is rigorous and, by vote of colleagues and judges, you have to be considered to be among the top 5% of practicing attorneysREAD MORE

Uber and Lyft use Checkr to do their background checks.  Checkr has a lengthy history of putting false criminal information on applicant’s background checks, i.e. records of arrests or convictions that do not belong to you. Checkr is not theREAD MORE