Tax-related identity theft often happens when a criminal uses your social security number to file your tax return before you get a chance to do so, and then ends up pocketing your refund check. Unfortunately, most individuals don’t realize thatREAD MORE

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If you have bought a car that is defective and is still under warranty from the original manufacturer, you may be entitled to have your car repurchased or replaced under California’s Lemon Law. However, before filing a claim, you needREAD MORE

Identity theft happens when someone steals your personal information to use for their own betterment and to commit fraud. Identity theft is a major problem for consumers, resulting in billions of dollars in financial losses every year. Unfortunately,  research byREAD MORE

Financial scams targeting senior citizens are happening with more frequency. The FBI reported that, in 2021, 92,371 older adults were victims of fraud totaling $1.7 billion in losses.  Scams and fraud not only have a devastating effect on the victim’sREAD MORE

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Premises liability cases are a subcategory of personal injury cases. These types of cases can include any type of accident or incident that happens on either public or private property, resulting from negligence or an intentional act and that causesREAD MORE

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