Auto Fraud

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Let’s say you found a great deal at a used car dealership – a stylish sports coupe with a shiny coat of paint and the extra power of a V6 engine. The salesperson tells you the car is in “mintREAD MORE

Why do car dealers, as an industry, have a bad reputation? Because nobody likes to be ripped off, especially when making a big money purchase such as a car. As an industry, dealerships are known for the high-pressure sales tacticsREAD MORE

What is auto fraud? Odometer tampering, as well as non-disclosure of a vehicle’s wreck or salvage history,  lemon buy-back history, or repaired damage to new cars, are just some examples of auto fraud.   Auto dealer fraud happens when a retailREAD MORE

Consumer protection attorney Bob Brennan quoted extensively in Redwood Times regarding your legal rights if a manufacturer does not keep warranty repair facilities close to where you live. Read Full Article Here

Carfax has been around for several years now, and, given the advertising, many consumers think that it presents an accurate vehicle history when buying a used car. Well, sometimes. Carfax will gather information from participating states’ Department of Motor VehiclesREAD MORE

Planning on buying a used car soon? Then first open your eyes – very wide. In our office, over the years we’ve seen it all. Frauds perpetrated on used car lots against California consumers are common, and may be gettingREAD MORE