Identity Theft

In today’s competitive housing market, applying for a new apartment or house can be a rigorous process full of paperwork, background checks, and financial scrutiny. However, for some, the application process can be a nightmare. Imagine this: you’ve finally foundREAD MORE

Imagine trying to make an online purchase only to discover your bank account emptied. Or learning your identity was compromised and used to commit fraud, access your accounts, or impersonate you online. This is not a hypothetical situation, but theREAD MORE

With the growth in technology and the internet, our personal information is always at risk. Unfortunately, if you’re not monitoring your accounts and credit file on a routine basis, you may not realize that you’ve become a victim of identityREAD MORE

Tax-related identity theft often happens when a criminal uses your social security number to file your tax return before you get a chance to do so, and then ends up pocketing your refund check. Unfortunately, most individuals don’t realize thatREAD MORE

Identity theft happens when someone steals your personal information to use for their own betterment and to commit fraud. Identity theft is a major problem for consumers, resulting in billions of dollars in financial losses every year. Unfortunately,  research byREAD MORE