Lemon Law

Lemon law cases often involve complex individual disputes and difficult decisions that, when unresolved, lead to appeals. However, when specific lemon law cases reach the Supreme Court of California, the court’s rulings have the potential to significantly impact future stateREAD MORE

On May 2, 2024, California’s Second District Court of Appeals (appeals court for LA, Ventura, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties) issued an important decision on California’s lemon law.  This decision allows buyers of used cars with the balanceREAD MORE

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been touted as the future of transportation, promising a cleaner, more sustainable alternative to traditional gas cars. However, an investigation by UK magazine What Car? found a significant gap between the advertised range of EVs andREAD MORE

The recent California decision of Niedermeier v. Fiat-Chrysler US LLC, decided on March 7, 2024, holds that a consumer who has a lemon and has filed a lawsuit seeking replacement of the vehicle need not keep the vehicle until the time ofREAD MORE

Ford has a long history as one of the most popular makers of cars made in the USA. Recently, Ford reduced its sedan models to two in order to cut costs and focus on trucks and SUVs. In doing so,READ MORE

Tesla, a pioneer in the electric car market, has revolutionized the automotive industry with its innovative and high-performing electric vehicles (EVs). However, this transformation has not been without its challenges, as Tesla cars are prone to massive production errors, shoddyREAD MORE

The German automaker Porsche specializes in high-performance sports vehicles and luxury vehicles that are among the best in the world. Unfortunately, many Porsche models have failed to live up to their reputation. If you own a Porsche and have experiencedREAD MORE

Currently there are only two Chrysler models being manufactured: the 300 sedan and the Pacifica minivan. With declining production and waning sales, some have speculated this is the end of the once-mighty Chrysler empire. However, parent company Stellantis will relaunchREAD MORE

Tired of sinking time and money into fixing your GMC, only to face the same issues over and over again? California’s Lemon Law covers GMC cars and trucks and could be your ticket to a refund or even a brand-newREAD MORE

A leaked report from German newspaper Handelsblatt reveals that Tesla has received thousands of customer complaints about braking and acceleration problems, particularly with its self-driving features. The leak involved 100 gigabytes of confidential Tesla data, provided by a suspected formerREAD MORE