Lemon Law

Shopping for a brand new car can be a frustrating experience. But once you’ve bought the car you’ve been looking for, driving it should make up for that by being enjoyable. However, when something goes wrong, you lose that pleasure. READ MORE

In this short article, published in the Eureka Times Standard, Robert Brennan discusses a specific example of when you can use the lemon law, and when you may not be able to use the lemon law because the vehicle isREAD MORE

A lawsuit in New York has uncovered what appears to be a decade of concealed transmission defects in Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles.  If you own a Land Rover or a Range Rover and have had transmission repairs, pleaseREAD MORE

According to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), buying a new car is second only to buying a new home when it comes to the most expensive purchase many consumers will make.   At those prices, no one expects that they’llREAD MORE

There are still a lot of very positive things about living in California.  One is the California lemon law, one of the best lemon laws in the United States. “Lemon laws” are those laws that consumers use to have carsREAD MORE

ALERT TO RV SHOPPERS: with backlogs of this magnitude at the major RV manufacturers, you had better believe that the manufacturers will be rushing units through the assembly line.  If you wind up with a lemon RV, please call us—weREAD MORE

CONSUMER ALERT re 2017 HYUNDAI TUCSON: this year/make/model of vehicle has serious transmission problems.  There is a class action where several unscrupulous class action attorneys settled out claims for the defective transmission for something like $50 or less per vehicle owner.  ThisREAD MORE

If you have a lemon vehicle, there are both bad and good ways to go about cultivating your case. The following tips are made with that in mind: • Don’t threaten to torch your car or drive it off a cliff.READ MORE

Our firm has been specializing in the handling of lemon law cases for over 25 years.  For most people, the term “lemon law” probably connotes a defective car, but over the years we have seen a lot more lemons thanREAD MORE

If your vehicle turned out to be a “lemon” that is really stressing you out, call the Law Officers of Robert F. Brennan. Our firm has been successfully helping consumers with their Lemon Law cases for over two decades, andREAD MORE