Lemon Law

Shopping for and then purchasing or leasing a car takes a significant amount of money and time on your part. The last thing on your mind when driving your new vehicle off the lot is that you’ve bought a lemon.READ MORE

There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you’ve just bought a new car. Every time you get in, you notice the new car smell, the sound of the engine purring and the shiny up-to-date components on the dashboard. AndREAD MORE

Buying a car is the second-biggest expenditure after housing. Add that to the fact that there have been hefty increases in the average cost of a new vehicle over the past few years due to the COVID pandemic, and you’reREAD MORE

NEWS PROVIDED BY Law Offices of Robert F. Brennan APC February 01, 2023 POLARIS RZR ATV owners have been instructed by Polaris to stop driving these ATV’s because of a possible fire hazard, giving rise to legal remedies. Polaris isREAD MORE

Popular types of off-road vehicles include all-terrain (ATV), side-by-side (SxS), and utility (UTV). For many ORV enthusiasts, buying an ATV, SxS or UTV is a significant investment. Unfortunately, for some owners, the ATV that they purchased turns out to beREAD MORE

If you have bought a car that is defective and is still under warranty from the original manufacturer, you may be entitled to have your car repurchased or replaced under California’s Lemon Law. However, before filing a claim, you needREAD MORE

What burns me up about “lemon” RV’s is that the buyers are often retirees who sink a substantial portion of their life savings into a poorly-designed, poorly-manufactured headache-on-wheels. Many RV’s are manufactured in Indiana and I’m happy to see thatREAD MORE

Shopping for a brand new car can be a frustrating experience. But once you’ve bought the car you’ve been looking for, driving it should make up for that by being enjoyable. However, when something goes wrong, you lose that pleasure. READ MORE

In this short article, published in the Eureka Times Standard, Robert Brennan discusses a specific example of when you can use the lemon law, and when you may not be able to use the lemon law because the vehicle isREAD MORE

A lawsuit in New York has uncovered what appears to be a decade of concealed transmission defects in Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles.  If you own a Land Rover or a Range Rover and have had transmission repairs, pleaseREAD MORE