Identity Theft

Identity Theft

When a criminal uses someone else’s personal information to obtain money, goods or credit, they have effectively stolen that person’s identity. Unfortunately, this crime is on the rise, but consumers can fight back by having fraudulent accounts shut down and false charges removed from their credit report. LEARN MORE

False Background Check

Employers, landlords, banks and any other entities can freely conduct an investigation into your personal and financial history. The Investigative Consumer Reporting Agencies Act provides safeguards to California citizens, but people who have incurred harm due to inaccurate information on these reports have the right to dispute it. LEARN MORE

Data Broker Errors

Data brokers are large metadata companies that collect and sell your personal and financial information. If an individual’s account does not contain accurate data, it can follow them around for the rest of their life, negatively affecting things like job, rental and loan applications. LEARN MORE