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Ford has a long history as one of the most popular makers of cars made in the USA. Recently, Ford reduced its sedan models to two in order to cut costs and focus on trucks and SUVs. In doing so,READ MORE

As a major player in the financial world, the credit reporting agency Equifax has grappled with data security breaches, privacy issues, and consumer rights violations. In 2017, the company suffered a massive data breach which compromised approximately 147 million people’sREAD MORE

Imagine trying to make an online purchase only to discover your bank account emptied. Or learning your identity was compromised and used to commit fraud, access your accounts, or impersonate you online. This is not a hypothetical situation, but theREAD MORE

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It may surprise you to know that one in four American consumers have found mistakes in their credit files. And not simple mistakes either – sometimes, someone else’s credit information can show up in your report. When this happens yourREAD MORE

According to the FBI, elder fraud cost a staggering $1.7 billion in 2021. Scammers often target older adults – those age 60 and older – because they believe they have substantial savings and are not tech-savvy. However, it’s not justREAD MORE

Currently there are only two Chrysler models being manufactured: the 300 sedan and the Pacifica minivan. With declining production and waning sales, some have speculated this is the end of the once-mighty Chrysler empire. However, parent company Stellantis will relaunchREAD MORE

Loan modification scams involve deceptive tactics where companies or people falsely claim they can help homeowners change their mortgage terms to lower monthly payments or avoid foreclosure.  Often these scammers promise to negotiate with the person’s mortgage lender to lowerREAD MORE

Tired of sinking time and money into fixing your GMC, only to face the same issues over and over again? California’s Lemon Law covers GMC cars and trucks and could be your ticket to a refund or even a brand-newREAD MORE