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A leaked report from German newspaper Handelsblatt reveals that Tesla has received thousands of customer complaints about braking and acceleration problems, particularly with its self-driving features. The leak involved 100 gigabytes of confidential Tesla data, provided by a suspected formerREAD MORE

Have you ever seen a dog go crazy over a squirrel, or a toy that zips across the floor? All dogs have a prey drive, or the instinct to hunt and chase things that move quickly. It’s a leftover traitREAD MORE

Since the first American-made gas powered car debuted in 1896, gas vehicles have dominated the roads. But the recent rise in electric cars may soon make gas automobiles a thing of the past.  With this disruption in automotive technology comesREAD MORE

Flooding from natural disasters such as hurricanes and severe thunderstorms can dump a lot of rain on an area in a short amount of time, producing floodwaters. Not only can flooding displace people from their homes, but it can alsoREAD MORE

Over the years, technology has increased fuel efficiency in today’s newer vehicles. In one respect, this helps make new cars more economical; however, buyers are facing increases in pricing as well. And as the auto industry continues to roll outREAD MORE

Important Information Regarding Your Insurance “Credit Report”. The CLUE report is the report most used by insurance companies to underwrite your insurance applications.  In other words, if you have too many insurance claims, or false insurance claims, your CLUE reportREAD MORE

Getting in a car accident can have significant effects on your health, your livelihood, and the quality of your life. The immediate impacts from being involved in a car accident, even a minor one, are any physical injuries that youREAD MORE

You might not believe it, but the difference between a good and bad credit score can cost you a lot. In fact, according to a recent study from the financial tech company “Self.”, bad credit will cost the average AmericanREAD MORE

New video shows moments just before LA garbage truck ran over and killed man in Sherman Oaks – NBC Los Angeles “One of my personal injury/wrongful death cases featured as the lead story on NBC LA on June 29, 2023. READ MORE

Trading in a used vehicle to a dealership is not always as trouble-free as one would hope. For one thing, when you decide to exchange your car to purchase a new one, you will have a rough time getting fairREAD MORE