In 2019 my identity was stolen and the ID thief applied for a credit card in my name. The credit card arrived at my house and since I did not have an account with the particular credit card company, I knew immediately that the card was fraudulent. So I called the company that issued the card to explain that I did not request the card and that the account was fraudulent. Problem solved, right? Nope, they dropped the ball, and allowed cash advances on the card in the following months, then the company tried to make me pay for it. I found myself in collections hell!
     I have always been meticulous about my credit, paying all payments well before the due date and maintaining minimal debt. As a result of the creditor’s actions, my credit score dropped hundreds of points as I refused to pay for it. After all, I had notified the company right from the start that I hadn’t applied for the account and that it was fraudulent. I escalated the issue through the creditor’s fraud department, the Better Business Bureau, and the Consumer Financial Protection Board. I wrote certified letters to the credit reporting agencies and the credit card companies as recommended on the Federal Trade Commission website. Still nothing changed, and my low credit score was keeping me from refinancing my house.
     Enter Bob Brennan and his team. They took the case, and immediately filed a lawsuit on my behalf against the credit card company and the credit reporting bureaus (no money out of pocket, BTW). Initially, I just wanted them to remove the negative marks on my credit report and to stop harassing me with collections calls, but Bob Brennan did more than that, and I received a good cash settlement as well from each of the defendants. Per the settlement agreement, I can’t tell you what we settled for, nor can I identify the creditor, but with the settlement I was able to pay off my mortgage last week (it was a lot of money!). Bob Brennan really turned a negative into a positive for me. You should know their team is awesome. Special shout out to paralegal Bob Bichler who spent a lot of time with me, walking me through the process of preparing for the court case, mediation and settlement. Also I was able to see Bob Brennan in action during the mediation and I can say he really fought hard for us. Thank you Bob Brennan, Bob Bichler, Nancy, Rachel and Juan. I really appreciate all you did for me!

Brett Law Offices of Robert F. Brennan

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