Joe M Alamo Jr

I had deal with many attorneys when I was looking for an attorney for my case. Many would not return calls, some would want a consultation fee and would not even have time to hear the details of the case just brief summary and instead of hearing the detail they disappeared with the fee I paid. All wanted just a brief summary of my case not the details. So, like me who’s english is not that great , not that educated and has trouble explaining things. You could have a case but since it not explained properly you would get the wrong advice by giving just a brief summary of what happened. My case had to do with a contract dispute with a well known large car dealership In the San Fernando Valley. When I spoke with one of staff members Mrs Rachel. Since the first call I received from her it was different she wanted to know all the details of the case. She didn’t make me feel like I was wasting their time. Once my case was accepted Mr Robert Bichler was the staff member who worked on my case. Mr Bichler always made sure I was update or knew the status of my case. Mr Bichler probably knew my case better than me. Every time I would speak with him to go over something or a question arose it’s like he already knew my answer because of how well and how much time he put into my case. Only reason I was told was to verify his answer. When It came down to hearings or depositions Mr Brennan was so well prepared I don’t think him losing my case ever crossed my mind. Since the first hearing when I saw how professional and how well prepared he was I knew that he and his staff did not take my case lightly. They do their best to win all their case. My case took close to 3 years had to have investigators, hand writing experts, uncooperative witness not once did it feel my case was going nowhere. I feel that all their case if something or someone would help his case he and his staff would not hesitate to use and do what’s best for his client and the case .Like I stated earlier from day one Mr Brennan and his staff Rachel, Bob, Juan and even his secretary were all very professional. My calls were always accepted. I would always get a call back. I was always up to date in what was going on with my case. Not once did I feel my case was not important or was just sitting there collecting dust. It made of taken close to three years but the result was more that I expected. Hiring Mr Brennan would benefit anyone case.

Joe M Alamo Jr Law Offices of Robert F. Brennan

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