Personal Injury

Have you ever seen a dog go crazy over a squirrel, or a toy that zips across the floor? All dogs have a prey drive, or the instinct to hunt and chase things that move quickly. It’s a leftover traitREAD MORE

Getting in a car accident can have significant effects on your health, your livelihood, and the quality of your life. The immediate impacts from being involved in a car accident, even a minor one, are any physical injuries that youREAD MORE

New video shows moments just before LA garbage truck ran over and killed man in Sherman Oaks – NBC Los Angeles “One of my personal injury/wrongful death cases featured as the lead story on NBC LA on June 29, 2023. READ MORE

According to the California Highway Patrol, approximately 38,000 accidents are associated with left turns in the state of California every year. Left-turn accidents happen when a vehicle making a left-turn collides with a vehicle driving straight, usually in the oppositeREAD MORE

A car accident can happen to anyone, even the safest of drivers. Even a minor fender bender can be scary, but if you’ve been hurt as a result, it can be a really chaotic and traumatic time, seeking medical treatment,READ MORE

A grocery store is a common place to get injured. Unfortunately, thousands of people suffer from grocery store accidents annually. The majority of accidents that occur at grocery stores are slip and falls caused by a wet floor that hasn’tREAD MORE

Premises liability cases are a subcategory of personal injury cases. These types of cases can include any type of accident or incident that happens on either public or private property, resulting from negligence or an intentional act and that causesREAD MORE

In the state of California, anyone who has been the victim of an unprovoked threat or use of force has the legal right to file a claim for damages, especially when the person who was assaulted suffered serious personal injury.READ MORE

With over 2 million licensed drivers using the state’s roadways, California has some of the busiest roads in the nation – a factor that increases your chances of getting into an accident. Each and every day California highways are inundatedREAD MORE

Getting into a car accident can be a frightening and stressful experience, whether it’s a minor fender bender or an accident resulting in serious injuries. And with more than 6 million accidents, on average, per year in the U.S., yourREAD MORE