Does small claims court ever make sense for personal injury cases?

When facing personal injury cases, opting for small claims court might seem like a good solution. In California, for instance, small claims court is designed to handle disputes with a maximum recovery of up to $7,500. However, this low amount is often insufficient for the high medical bills and long-term recovery costs associated with personal injuries. With this in mind, hiring a personal injury lawyer is often the best course of action to ensure fair compensation. 

Would $7,500 really cover your injury costs?

Small claims court might seem like a fast and easy way to recover damages without an attorney. However, there are several reasons why it is not a good idea for personal injury cases. Traumatic injuries often have a profound impact on the overall quality of life, resulting in significant medical expenses, long-term lost wages, and ongoing pain and suffering. The costs for these injuries can easily total hundreds of thousands of dollars, far exceeding the maximum $7,500 from small claims court.

There are also several situations where consulting a lawyer about your case is essential:

  • If you are unsure how much money you are owed.
  • If your case is complicated.
  • If the court forms and process are too confusing.
  • If you are being sued as a defendant.

By consulting a personal injury attorney, you ensure that your case is handled with the expertise needed to secure the full compensation you deserve. Personal injury attorneys can navigate the complexities of your case, assess the true value of your damages, and advocate on your behalf in a way that small claims court cannot match.

Why victims hire attorneys instead

When facing the aftermath of a traumatic injury, the stakes are high. That’s why you should hire a personal injury attorney. Do not settle for less than the best legal advice. A serious personal injury attorney can handle negotiations with insurance companies, file a lawsuit on your behalf, and fight for your rights in court. 

Your personal injury case deserves more than what small claims court can offer. Make sure you receive a fair settlement that reflects the true extent of your damages.

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