Credit Bureaus Cannot Get Asian (and Other) Names Right!

My law firm specializes in cases of false credit reporting and false information on credit reports.  I have been doing these cases for over 20 years and have the best track record in Southern California for these cases.

I have seen, time and again, the credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian) and the big banks and lenders mess up the credit reports of their Asian, African, Latin and Middle Eastern customers, at least the ones that have traditional cultural names.    

My firm is presently handling a case against a solar power company and Equifax, where the solar power company (Tesla Solar) and Equifax mixed up my client with another consumer who happened to have the same Asian name.  The result, as alleged in the lawsuit I filed, is that credit information belonging to the other guy is being slapped onto my client’s credit report, and it’s damaging to his credit reputation.  Mind you, this does not seem to happen as often for people with Anglicized names, like “Mike Smith” or “Joe Johnson”.  It happens more often with Asian, African, Middle Eastern or Latin cultural names.

The probable reason here is that the bureaus are not yet caught up with the influx of immigrants into this country in the last 30 or 40 years.  The credit reporting system was built up around people with Anglicized names, and for many years, immigrants from other countries and other cultures would adopt an Anglicized name when they moved here.  This is no longer true.  Many citizens whose families are from Asian, African, Latin or Middle Eastern countries and cultures are opting to keep and use their birth names.  The credit bureaus and the banking system was not fully ready for this.

If you or a friend has a traditional Asian, African, Latin or Middle Eastern name and you are having troubles with false credit reporting, please contact us.  I have handled quite a few of these cases, often very successfully, and I can state that almost all of my clients get their credit corrected, permanently, after the bureaus and the banks get a lawsuit from my firm.  And, my firm has resources to help translate for Chinese, Korean, Armenian and Spanish-speaking clients.

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