When Lemon Law cases reach the California Supreme Court

Lemon law cases often involve complex individual disputes and difficult decisions that, when unresolved, lead to appeals. However, when specific lemon law cases reach the Supreme Court of California, the court’s rulings have the potential to significantly impact future state consumer protection laws. Let’s explore how these individual cases have reshaped the landscape of lemon law in California.

Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act

California’s lemon laws, also known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, provide protection for consumers dealing with defective vehicles. Found in California Civil Code Sections 1790 through 1797, the law entitles consumers to a refund or replacement for defective vehicles, provided certain conditions are met:

  • The vehicle must be under warranty.
  • The defect or issue must significantly impair the vehicle’s use, value, or safety.
  • The vehicle cannot be repaired within a reasonable number of repair attempts.

The California Supreme Court has clarified and expanded these protections in several recent supreme court rulings, which have reshaped lemon law for consumers. In Kirzhner v. Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC, the Court ruled that registration renewal and non-operation fees incurred due to a manufacturer’s delay in providing a replacement vehicle or restitution are recoverable as incidental damages.

However, in another Supreme Court Case, Cummins, Inc. v. Superior Court, the Court determined that the Song-Beverly Act refund or replacement provisions only apply to consumers who purchased their vehicle in California. This decision explicitly limits lemon law protections to vehicles purchased within the state, barring nonresidents from pursuing legal action for vehicles purchased elsewhere.

We know the laws

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