Consumer protection attorney Bob Brennan quoted extensively in Redwood Times regarding your legal rights if a manufacturer does not keep warranty repair facilities close to where you live. Read Full Article Here

An estimated 25% of consumers’ credit reports have errors in them serious enough to cause a denial of credit, according to studies referenced by the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC). Forty million mistakes which are difficult to correct are madeREAD MORE

Credit repair organizations are sprouting up like weeds and have been since the Great recession.  Americans are more conscious than ever before about the importance of having and maintaining good credit.  Without it, you will be treated like a poorREAD MORE

On Super Bowl Sunday, Experian will afflict you with more commercials for its “dark web” scan.  I have received a number of emails from clients and colleagues asking whether it’s worth it. My answer is: probably not.  Reason: if ExperianREAD MORE

EXPERIAN WANTS TO HELP YOU RAISE YOUR CREDIT SCORE…but there’s a catch: you have to permit Experian to view and monitor your personal bank accounts. Experian’s new product, Experian Boost, says it can raise credit scores for subprime consumers byREAD MORE

  Originally Published By Super Lawyers (Read Full Article Here) U.S. Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan Jr. was dubbed “probably the most influential” justice of the last century by no less an authority than fellow justice, and political foe,READ MORE

Carfax has been around for several years now, and, given the advertising, many consumers think that it presents an accurate vehicle history when buying a used car. Well, sometimes. Carfax will gather information from participating states’ Department of Motor VehiclesREAD MORE

Seungtae Kim v. BMW Financial is a case which was tried in federal court in Los Angeles, in which the jury rendered a verdict in plaintiff’s favor.  Plaintiff Seungtae Kim, a Korean doctor of Eastern medicine, had his identity stolenREAD MORE

If you find yourself a victim of identity theft, there are three essential actions you need to take immediately: Notify your bank(s) and credit card companies of the identity theft. If you have already identified some fraudulent charges, report themREAD MORE

I really appreciate John Oliver bringing to people’s attention the problems with debt collection and credit reporting of old debts, particularly medical debts.  However, consumers need to know quite a bit more.  I am lucky to have been invited ontoREAD MORE