WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IF YOU GET INTO A CAR ACCIDENT: I am on both Sunland-Tujunga Community pages as well as the La Crescenta Community pages. As an attorney, I have recently received a handful of messages from membersREAD MORE

I’m honored to have been selected as a Southern California for the 15th straight year.  The selection criteria is rigorous and, by vote of colleagues and judges, you have to be considered to be among the top 5% of practicing attorneysREAD MORE

Uber and Lyft use Checkr to do their background checks.  Checkr has a lengthy history of putting false criminal information on applicant’s background checks, i.e. records of arrests or convictions that do not belong to you. Checkr is not theREAD MORE

CONSUMER ALERT re 2017 HYUNDAI TUCSON: this year/make/model of vehicle has serious transmission problems.  There is a class action where several unscrupulous class action attorneys settled out claims for the defective transmission for something like $50 or less per vehicle owner.  ThisREAD MORE

If you have a lemon vehicle, there are both bad and good ways to go about cultivating your case. The following tips are made with that in mind: • Don’t threaten to torch your car or drive it off a cliff.READ MORE

Our client Eric immigrated to the United States from China in 2001 with high hopes of furthering his business education in this country. Eric’s resume reads like a classic success story. He got his MBA from Cal State on scholarship,READ MORE

Quite often our clients learn the hard way that they “agreed” to give away some of their basic legal rights, including a trial by jury, when they purchased a new vehicle or telecommunications service, or other products and services. TheREAD MORE

Our firm has been specializing in the handling of lemon law cases for over 25 years.  For most people, the term “lemon law” probably connotes a defective car, but over the years we have seen a lot more lemons thanREAD MORE

RE-INSERTION VIOLATIONS: WHEN A CREDITOR, A DEBT COLLECTOR OR A CREDIT BUREAU RE-INSERTS FALSE OR DEROGATORY INFORMATION ON YOUR CREDIT REPORT. Our office has litigated a number of credit-damage cases in which the client disputed a delinquent account appearing onREAD MORE

Uber and Lyft pull background checks on all people who apply to be drivers.  Unfortunately, many of the background checks have false information that an applicant has a criminal record. If you do not have a criminal record and youREAD MORE