Hyundai Tucson Consumer Alert

CONSUMER ALERT re 2017 HYUNDAI TUCSON: this year/make/model of vehicle has serious transmission problems.  There is a class action where several unscrupulous class action attorneys settled out claims for the defective transmission for something like $50 or less per vehicle owner.  This is a bad class action settlement.  If you own one of these cars and you are suffering from a defective transmission, you have rights under the California lemon law which may include a complete vehicle repurchase or monetary compensation far exceeding what you will get in the class action.  If you have a 2017 Hyundai Tucson and you are having transmission problems for which you have had to get warranty repairs, and if your vehicle has not been fixed, I strongly recommend you opt out of the class action settlement and consult with a competent lemon law attorney about your rights.  You will receive, or you already have received, mailed notice of the class settlement; in that notice, there will be instructions on how to opt out of the class settlement.  You must opt out of the class settlement if you want to preserve your rights to bring a lemon law lawsuit as an individual and not as a member of the class.

The link to the website about the class action case is as follows:  The deadline for opting out of the class action is December 26, 2019.  The website has a link for opting out.

I hope this helps.

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