Advice To Unlucky Lemon Owners

If you have a lemon vehicle, there are both bad and good ways to go about
cultivating your case. The following tips are made with that in mind:
• Don’t threaten to torch your car or drive it off a cliff.
Store the vehicle somewhere safe as it becomes an asset in a Lemon Law
• Owing a lemon can be an upsetting, humiliating and even frightening ordeal.
But don’t take it out on a spouse or friend who helped you buy it. After all,
they didn’t know if was going to be a lemon any more than you did.
• Do write a strong letter to the manufacturer detailing precisely what
problems you have been experiencing and demand a refund or replacement;
and send it certified mail.
• Don’t stop making your car payments or registration fees. That can get you
into a lot of trouble.
• Do keep an itemized list of all your expenses such as car payments,
registration fees, towing charges, rental car costs and payments on
unreimbursed repairs.
• Don’t get discouraged if the service writer or technician states the problem
could not be duplicated. This doesn’t mean you are crazy. It only means they
couldn’t or wouldn’t find the problem.
• Do take the car back to an authorized dealership and get a repair order as
soon as it acts up again. The more repair orders the better. If you have taken
it back numerous times and it’s still not fixed, consider getting an inspection
from an independent auto expert.
• Don’t try to repair the vehicle yourself or have a cheap repair shop do it for
you. Those non-warranty covered repairs can hurt your case.
• Always take it back to an authorized repair facility and have them perform
all manufacturer-recommended maintenance.
• Don’t succumb to rude and insulting “customer service.”
• Keep fighting for your rights and CALL US! We have been helping
consumers with lemon vehicles for the past 30 years and have had excellent

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