More Debt Collection Horror Stories

I often write my own posts to this blog but my clients and contacts often write their own. This is just in from Arizona:

“I am not writing to you seeking advice as I live in Arizona and have consulted an attorney here. My son has been sued by Arrow Financial Services. Nevermind the details of his debt, but they have named as a defendant in the lawsuit. My guess is that either they think I am his spouse or they are extending scare tactics in my direction. I am not a cosigner/ joint holder on this account. I’m sure they were annoyed when I wouldn’t give the process servers Eric’s address. I was annoyed with process servers that identified themselves as “employees of the State of Arizona” that could not produce supporting ID.

“Anyway, I just want to tell you that I couldn’t agree more with the following statement that you had made and that I found while researching AFS cases:

“’America no longer creates any new products. All it creates any more is debt. The key product of our economy is debt, plain and simple, and the debt collectors and major banks use debt to control, and destroy, our entire lives. I’m picking up more and more discontent from consumers because of this debt-driven economy and how we’re all hamsters in hamster-wheels working our tails off just to pay interest to debt collectors and big banks. One day, it’s all gonna break and it just might be a good thing when it does.’”

“I am truly disgusted by this whole junk debt buying industry. This week I am in the middle of final exams, but when they are finished I plan to find out how I can become more involved in this issue. Although I don’t have credit issues, I do have a lot of debt and nothing has been more motivating to me to pay it off than what I see this industry has done to young people, their parents and this country.

“Thank you for doing what you do.”

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Thanks for reading!!!

Bob Brennan

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