Motorhome Industry tries to Gut California Lemon Law

Motorhomes are, frequently, about as well-made as the clearance-sale desk you get from Ikea. A lot of motorhome manufacturers make very bad motorhomes and then refuse to buy them back, even when the defects are obvious.

Well, instead of endeavoring to make better motorhomes, the motorhome industry in California is sponsoring legislation which would, for most purposes, make motorhomes immune from the California lemon law.

You the reader may or may not own a motorhome and may not care, but believe me, we represent a lot of motorhome owners and a lot of these people are elderly and have invested their life savings into their motorhome. Motorhomes these days can cost upwards of $1 million. We have a motorhome which cost about $900,000.00 in my office right now and it leaks like a sieve whenever it rains. In spite of numerous repair attempts, the thing still leaks like a broken gutter. My clients are elderly and have health problems and cannot live in it. Some return they got on their investment!

Anyway, I’m going to get political for just a moment: tell your representative to oppose the manufacturer’s attempt to re-write the lemon law and oppose any and all industry efforts to weaken consumer protection laws. Whether or not you need them right this moment, believe me, in your lifetime you will need them, as will your friends and family, and you don’t want a bunch of watered-down rubbish (or should I say, “rub-bush”) laws on the books when it comes time for you to stand up for your consumer rights.

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