Orange County Court Orders Bentley to Repurchase Defective “Lemon” Bentley Arnage

Hello, all. Good news from Orange County Superior Court, where the judge in my trial against Bentley just ruled that Bentley must completely repurchase my client’s defective 2001 Bentley Arnage. Given how hard Bentley fought this trial, this is quite a victory!

The defect was an airbag light that kept coming on, time and time again, seven times over about 15,000 miles. Bentley tried to dismiss the problem as a minor one, and also tried to blame it on some minor parking-lot damage that my client’s car had suffered. The judge saw through both smokescreens and ruled that the defect was a major defect and that Bentley had to buy the car back.

For those of you poor souls out there driving Bentleys: keep your documentation very straight if you’re having any problems with the vehicle. Bentley still has not learned the lesson that it must repurchase defective lemons, at least in California. Expect a fight. But if you have a good case, the fight is more than worth it.

Thanks for reading!

Bob Brennan

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