The Bentley Arnage–Can You Believe This Car?

Just finished a three-week trial over a Bentley Arnage with eight airbag illuminations.  Bentley’s defense was positively ludicrous.  First, Bentley claimed that a small bumper-ding on the right front bumper caused all of the Bentley’s airbag system problems.  But then, the real “piece de resistance”–Bentley claimed that the airbag light diagnostic code only referred to a problem with the airbag light itself, not the function of the airbag system.

So, Bentley–one of the premiere high-end luxury car makers in the entire world–is telling us that their airbag light sometimes lights up just to let us know that there’s a problem with the airbag light?  From an engineering standpoint, doesn’t this seem just a bit redundant, if not completely ridiculous?  And yet, Bentley’s expert witness sat on the stand and insisted that that’s the way it is.

We then found some technical information from Bentley showing that the Bentley factory did not even understand the problem.  Needless to say, the expert had a rough morning on the witness stand.

Seriously, if you want to buy one of these cars, it’s “buyer beware”.  Yes, as with all car manufacturers, there are good ones and there are bad ones, but we’re seeing a fair number of bad ones from the Bentley company.

Hope you’re having a great summer & safe driving!

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