GREAT NEWS! California Department of Motor Vehicles Will Take Your Identity Theft Report!

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I hope your summer 2011 is off to a good start.

We’ve received many, many complaints from identity theft victims that they have had problems with local police agencies taking their identity theft police reports. Some police agencies have refused to take a police report from identity theft victims. As you probably know from other blog entries, many of your civil law remedies rely on you initially obtaining a copy of an identity theft police report and providing it to the credit bureaus and to the creditors who are pursuing you for identity theft debts.

At a recent dinner I attended, I sat at the same table as two deputies from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. I discussed this problem with them, and each indicated to me that the DMV is more than happy to take an identity theft report and provide a copy to the consumer for his or her later use. In fact, DMV has jurisdiction over many identity theft cases because DMV regulates driver’s licenses, which are still the favored form of identification for many financial transactions.

So, if you find yourself the victim of identity theft and you need to file a police report, go to the DMV. A DMV identity theft report has all the force of a report issued by a police department or a sheriff, and DMV can cross-connect your report to your driver’s license.

Here’s the contact information you need:

Phone: 1-866-658-5758

Hope this helps!

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