I guess Bentley Motors is not only snooty but arrogant as well.  My client, Matt, is a successful business owner from Orange County who bought a Bentley Arnage as his “dream car” in 2002.  The car came with the Bentley 3-year warranty. READ MORE

Yesterday I was on KNX radio, on Bob McCormick’s “Money 101″ show, and Bob asked me about a medical bill for $2.50 that a debt collector was trying to collect.  Bob asked whether they could credit-report that small of aREAD MORE

My office has successfully handled several cases involving false claims of gas mileage for new “hybrid” vehicles.  In fact, gas mileage claims on these vehicles are grossly inflated and consumers should know this. The good news is, I read inREAD MORE

I’ve been contacted by several recent consumers who believed (or had been told) that they did not have lemon law rights because they were second or third owners of their cars. This is not always the case.  If your warrantyREAD MORE

So, I had a brief mention of one of the largest extended warranty companies in Southern California in an article on one of my websites, and their attorney calls threatening to sue me because my article suggested that extended warrantyREAD MORE

The manufacturers and dealers are touting “certified” used cars as “like new”. As you might suspect, my firm has handled dozens of “certified” used car cases where the cars have serious collision damage or a lengthy history of serious mechanicalREAD MORE

Motorhomes are, frequently, about as well-made as the clearance-sale desk you get from Ikea. A lot of motorhome manufacturers make very bad motorhomes and then refuse to buy them back, even when the defects are obvious. Well, instead of endeavoringREAD MORE

“Negative Equity” is something to keep an eye on when you’re trading in a car on which you still have a loan balance. It means that you owe more on the car than the car is worth as a usedREAD MORE